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Ma! Iwaidja Phone App


Ma! Iwaidja Phone App


The Iwaidja Inyman Team's current focus, and one of the major outcomes for the 2011-12 ILS (formerly MILR) funding round, is the development of the Ma! Iwaidja mobile phone app. A concept layout for one of the app's screen's is pictured below . . . Read more



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Iwaidja Ngabi Inyman


Iwaidja Ngabi Inyman

This film was made by

Ngalwangardi aju Minjilang (1946-2012) 

and Bruce Birch to raise awareness not only of the danger of losing all of Australia’s indigenous languages over the coming century, if not earlier.

Ngalwangardi passed away on May 3rd 2012. As a result this video has been protected by a password. If you're interested in viewing this video, please send an email requesting access to Bruce Birch.


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Iwaidja Inyman On Facebook

We now have our own Facebook page. Visit and let us know what you think.

Iwaidja On Forvo

We have added Iwaidja as a language to the Forvo website, and begun the process of uploading words. You can listen to the pronunciation of 'Iwaidja' and 'Iwaidja Inyman'

Iwaidja Circa 1953

Every now and then we enter the word 'iwaidja' into the little search window at the top right-hand corner of my internet browser to see what comes up. Last week brought the surprise finding of a site called Global Recordings (GR) which claimed to have some Bible stories in Iwaidja. Read more.


NT Research and Innovation Awards 2010

In November 2010 Joy Williams was awarded an NT Research and Innovation Award for her role in establishing her outstation at Adjamarduku on Croker Island as a base for cross-cultural research and documentation teams working on areas including Indigenous ecological knowledge, oral history, the transcription and translation of archival texts in Amurdak and Garig, and the life and work of the 'Croker Island Painters'. Read more


Nagojo Book Launch

In September 2010, a book on the life and work of Father Angelo Confalonieri was launched in Trento in Northern Italy, near Confalonieri's birthplace. The book includes a chapter by Bruce Birch on the two phrase books in a mixture of Iwaidja and Garig, and English, drafted by Confalonieri while living in a hut at the present-day location of the Black Point ranger station on Cobourg Peninsula from 1845 - 1847. Read more



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Yanajanak Does Canberra

In July 2010 a group of musicians and dancers from Croker, led by Charlie Mangulda, the #1 songman for the Yanajanak song set from the Mt Borradaile region north of Oenpelli in Northwestern Arnhem Land, braved the freezing winter conditions of the National Capital to perform and present at the annual Symposium for Indigenous Music and Dance, held in the ARC cinema. See images from the trip here, and read more details here.

  To listen to a recording of Yanajanak recorded at a funeral ceremony on Croker Island, click here.


Barks Birds and Billabongs

In November 2009, Iwaidja Inyman team members Joy Williams MalwakakSabine Hoeng, and Bruce Birch attended an international symposium, entitled Barks Birds and Billabongs, which examined different aspects of the 1948 Scientific Expedition to Arnhem Land, which spent part of its time based in Oenpelli. Read more


Awaye! program - Radio National

In this edition of the program Selena Sullivan visits Minjilang to talk with Joy Williams Malwagag, one of Croker Island's traditional owners, and Bruce Birch, consultant linguist for Iwaidja Inyman, about the endangered status of the Iwaidja language and the cross-cultural guides the Iwaidja Inyman team published in 2008 and 2009 with the aim of raising the profile of Iwaidja among non-Indigenous people who come to live and work in the community, and of introducing them to key aspects of the local culture. Listen to the show

Yanajanak in 'The Australian'

In his article 'The songs remain unbroken' (The Australian 21 September 2009), Nicolas Rothwell describes a performance of Yanajanak he witnessed at Charles Darwin University in August 2009. Yanajanak is a series of songs passed on from spirits to human beings in the classical tradition of Western Arnhem Land. Rothwell writes:

"ALERT, cross-legged, Charlie Mangulda pulls with fervour on his small tobacco pipe, breathes out smokily, and begins to sing. His eyes are half-closed; his voice is keen and resonant. Beside him, two clapstick players take up the beat; the didgeridoo master joins in. Dancers, young men, trace out their steps." Read article

'Yanajanak' Performance in Darwin

In August 2009 the Iwaidja Inyman team at Minjilang organized two public performances in Darwin. For the first time, Yanajanak musicians and singers from Croker Island performed their song cycle in a non-Indigenous setting at Charles Darwin University in front of a largely non-Indigenous audience. Yanajanak is a song cycle from the stone country around Mt Borodaille in Northwestern Arnhem Land. The two performances took place on August 15th.The first formed part of the 8th Annual Symposium on Indigenous Music and Dance and the second, later that day, opened the Vincent Lingiari Memorial Lecture on the lawns outside the Mal Nairn Auditorium.

Launch of cross-cultural guides at Minjilang

A second exciting event for the Iwaidja Inyman team in August 2009 was the official launch of the first two cross-cultural guides by NT Health Minister Kon Vatskalis at Minjilag on Croker Island. Both the first volume, an introduction to kinship, family and forms of address and the second, a guide for health professionals, contain cross-cultural information specifically for non-Indigenous people who come to work and live in Indigenous communities in Northwestern Arnhem Land. Although both guides focus on the Iwaidja language, the cross-cultural information provided is applicable to communities throughout Northwestern Arnhem Land. The books are available online from the Skinnyfish Music website.