Bruce Birch

Bruce is the principal field linguist of Iwaidja Inyman with ten years experience documenting and studying Iwaidja. He has developed a close relationship with people in the Iwaidja speech community, and has a wealth of experience with state-of-the-art language documentation techniques in the areas of recording, annotation, and archiving. Bruce is the  principal field linguist for the Iwaidja Documentation Project (2003 - 2007; 2009 - 2011) which is co-ordinated by linguist Nicholas Evans  and funded under the DoBeS (Documentation of Endangered Languages) Programme of the Volkswagen Foundation in Germany, through the Austraiian National University. Bruce has also been responsible for initiating a number of projects in the area of indigenous ecological knowledge, bringing together the detailed local knowledge of Iwaidja speakers, and western academic knowledge. Bruce is also currently completing a doctoral thesis on aspects of prosodic structure in Iwaidja.